terra incognita

There are two main strands to terra incognita's work:

ecology and practical conservation  |  art and curating

The recent emphasis of our work is on ecology and conservation and we bring to this an artworld sensibility. The Field was a project where unRomantic ecology meets art-activism in an attitude of contemplation and humility.
The archive of terra incognita as a purely urban arts organisation based in Tower Hamlets, London, can also be found here.

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The Field | The Exhibition

24 and 25 June 2017
Saturday 10-10 and Sunday 11-4

Studio 140
The Galleria
Pennack Road
Peckham, London
SE15 6PY

Ongoing exhibition throughout the weekend of art and detritus from The Field (2008-2017). Art works and relics for sale.

You are invited to make your mark and contribute to an accumulating artwork, a drawing ongoing throughout the first day.
Saturday 24 June 10am onwards
On the following day the resulting drawing will be used to transfer the image to a permanent painting on the floor of Studio 140.
Sunday 25 June 11am-4pm

Nibbles, drinks and conversations will continue throughout the weekend, including some things made from field produce.

fallow deer at the field

Including Alana Jelinek | Juliette Brown | Ruksana Begum | Kinsi K'Abdullah | Katie Dow | Louis Buckley | Jen Clarke | Abiel Hago | David Morgan | Gill Morgan | Bertie Morgan | Thomas Morgan | Marianne Holm Hansen | Richard Houguez | Rachel Anderson | Lucy Williams | Bridget McKenzie | Jean Campbell | Jane Trowell | Derek Matravers| Nadya Kassam  and many others, both human and non-human 

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