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*a series of novels as art*

terra incognita aims to publish a small series of quality, innovative novels which push the bounds of literature and art.

This series is meant to be understood like a visual art exhibition, where each novel is an artwork in its own right but where each can be understood in juxtapostion with the others. The series explores ideas of self-deception and bad faith  - Sartre's existential humanism updated and reconceived for the 21st century. Choice is a central theme. We hope to have 6 titles in the series.

Introducing: less than one percent

Less than one percent plays with the idea that our publications are unlikely to have mass market appeal. Despite this, the world is a more interesting place with these titles in it.

Each title within the series is a limited edition print with a run of 250
Yet it is affordable - £8
(plus postage and packing, now £3 within UK).
All editions are on quality paper using quality and sustainable printing methods.

Series Titles:

'The Treasons of the Sparrows' (2009)
Dai Vaughan (1933-2012)

The novel is not exactly a prequel or a sequel, but an 'equal' to 'Non-Return', (Serren, £7.99) - exploring what if the other choice had been made.

Prices including postage
'Ohm's Law' (2007)
Alana Jelinek 

The relationship between power and resistance.

The novel is part of a larger artwork which includes performance / live art work, internet-based projects and physical interventions.

Prices including postage

New authors
are invited to contact terra incognita for further information on publishing within this series.



All distribution is through terra incognita using Paypal.
If you would like copies sent outside UK, please contact terra incognita via email.

Catalogues of past exhibitions curated by
terra incognita are also available for £1 plus postage and packing.
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empire and I (1999)
between borders (2000)
curio (2002)